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The fitness industry is extremely competitive!

There are more gyms, more personal trainers, more yoga studios, more boot camps and more functional training facilities than ever before…

Every year there are more fitness businesses chasing the same size pool of customers and this very competitive industry get’s even more crowded.

Standing out in this busy marketplace is tough…

Have You Ever Asked Yourself?…

  • Why should my prospects choose to train with me over my competition?
  • What can I offer them that my competition can’t?
  • How can I leap frog my competition and become the go to fitness expert in my local area?
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Here's What You Need To Do…

Gain a new set of training skills that will make you stand head and shoulders over everyone else, making you the best possible choice to help your clients achieve the results they desire.

And now… The Dangerously Fit Academy is offering the most cutting-edge personal trainer certifications ever created.

You will learn how to use a large array of equipment with perfect technique, programming that will blow away your competition, and fun workouts that will excite your clients and keeping them coming back for more.


Dan Clay
CEO Of Dangerously Fit


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