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kettlebell coursesThe reason why professional athletes, military special forces and Hollywood celebrities use kettlebells is because they target over 600 muscles in the body in just a few minutes.

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Kettlebell training is one of the most popular training methods in the fitness industry and every personal trainer needs to know how to perform exercises safely and correctly.

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  • During the Level 1 Canada Kettlebell Instructor Course you will learn the 12 essential exercises including the swing, high pull, snatch, clean, press and Turkish get-up.
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  • The level 2 course builds on the fundamental exercises learned in level 1 as well as advanced exercises such as Jerks, Windmills and Double Kettlebell movements.
  • You will learn all the progressions and regressions of the most technical kettlebell exercises allowing you to program challenging workouts for your more advanced clients.

  • Get lifetime access to our online membership portal jam packed full of kettlebell training videos, printed manuals and done-for-you workouts.

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When designing kettlebell workouts for beginners, the most fundamental task even for fitness coaches who have certifications for kettlebells is to get a fix on every participant’s challenges, goals and requirements. It can be quite tough even for experienced trainers to appreciate the needs of beginners, and become so comfortable with them that they feel inclined to buy in to the Canadian kettlebell courses. It is thus vital for trainers to build a simple and easily-implementable beginner workout course.

Decide On the Rep Range

As soon as you have become familiar with your client’s profile and established the goals of his goals, you should decide on the rep range they require to be following. The rep range specifies the number of sets and drills in a workout. The type of exercise will also be dictated by the rep range. To a certain extent the tempo of the exercise as well as the resting intervals are also influenced by the rep range

Choose the Primary Exercises 

As the name suggests, the primary exercises are the real focus of the exercise sessions and are the exercises from which the client gets his real benefits. Whether a client is making progress is decided by how much improvement there is on the performance of these exercises. The choice of the primary kettlebell exercises depends upon your knowledge born out of the client’s body analysis, his fitness goals and some amount of intuition. As explained on some personal trainer’s Facebook page usually primary exercises comprise variations of the kettlebell lunge, squat, row, floor press or deadlift.

Select the Secondary Exercises

The basis function of the secondary exercises is to lend support to the primary ones in such a way that the client’s fitness goals are met more effectively. You can provide a lot of variation in the movements so that the workout session can become more interesting for the client and also provide a proper platform for the client to relax after a strenuous session of primary exercises. Typically you can include movements that involve a single-leg or a single joint or make the abdomen work by flexing or rotating.

Pick Out the Tertiary Exercises 

The main function of tertiary exercises that can be built-in into the exercise routine is to provide active rest after the secondary exercises or in between performing sets if time allows. Tertiary exercises can also be used as a rehabilitation system to correct any bodily imbalances that the client may have. The important thing to note is that the nature of these kettlebell exercises does not depend on whether the client’s goal is endurance or power.

Define Cardio Exercises for Maximum Benefit

Many kettlebell courses Canada go completely gaga over the inclusion of cardio exercises. While definitely they have their benefits, the use of cardio for beginners must be done with care and in line with the client’s fitness goals. If improperly included in the regimen, cardio can really be counterproductive. Clients leading a stressful life can benefit from meditative steady-state training like treadmill or cycling as this helps in dissipating stress. All kettlebell courses in Canada lay emphasis on proper warm-up sessions; however beginners may be reluctant to perform extended warm-up sessions without active trainer participation and explanation of the benefits.

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