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If want to master the ultimate unconventional strength training tool, then continue reading because this page will show how.

Hi, my name is Dan Clay and I'm the founder and education director at The DF Academy (DFA).

If you’re new to steel mace training, here’s a brief summary of its history.

The mace has been used as a weapon of war for thousands of years.

The first maces ever discovered were made of stick and flint, these primitive weapons date back to the Stone Age 10,000 years ago.

In the Puranic age 2,000 years ago the mace was the weapon of choice for the fierce Hindu Warriors and by the ferocious Persian warriors 1000 years ago.

Then, in the 12th Century, the Europeans adopted the mace to penetrate new plate armour and chain mail.

And, the Pehlwani wrestlers of India have been training with the mace for centuries. In India, the mace is known as the ‘Gada’, which is made from bamboo and concrete.

Now, the West has embraced the steel mace with top wrestlers, elite athletes and functional strength personal trainers all using the mace for its unrivalled qualities in improving functional strength gains.

Here's Some Of The Benefits Of Training With The Mace...

  • Builds grip strength like no other training tool.
  • Creates strong, mobile shoulders that are resilient to injury.
  • Metabolic conditioning workouts that fire up the metabolism and melt away the fat fast.
  • Improves core strength with exercises that train you on your feet, the way you were designed to be.
  • Full-body exercises that are lot's of fun AND very effective.
  • Increases explosive power that’s great for enhancing athletic performance.
  • Builds real-world functional strength.

What You'll Get With Your Steel Mace Certification

  • You will learn all the progressions and regressions of all the most important macebell exercises so you can program workouts for different fitness levels and deliver fun, safe workouts for all of your clients.
  • During the Level 1 Steel Mace Instructor Course you will learn the 43 essential mace exercises including the 360, 10-to-2, bullwhips, mills and much more.
  • Every exercise is broken down and taught step-by-step so you have a thorough understanding of how to teach mace training to your clients and deliver a workout experience that is unrivalled by your competition.
  • Get lifetime access to our online membership portal jam packed full of steel mace training videos, printed manuals and done-for-you workouts.

You Will Be Accredited With

If you would like to learn how to train with the mace and deliver fresh, fun workouts that your clients will love… then you must enrol in the DFA Steel Mace Mastery Certification.

DFA offer the very best steel mace instructor certifications in the fitness industry.

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Wishing you the best of health,

Dan Clay
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